Changing Pad Care

Instructions: How to clean and disinfect a Changing Pad

1. Clean any visible excrement before sanitizing or disinfecting it, wipe with paper towel and water together. If it’s soaking wet, then it is best to completely wash and hang it dry.

2. After you are done cleaning it with paper towel and water, there are couple of options you can clean the pad with:

     2.1 Clean with disinfectant wipe – You will have to wait until the pad is completely dry and that the disinfectant are all evaporated before using it again.

     2.2 Use the paper towel with soap, in this case you may mix soap with water to avoid direct contact of chemicals.

     2.3 Use the mixture of bleach and water together, mix one tablespoon of bleach (30ml) with one quart of water (1893ml). Stir it until its mixed up. Pour it into a spray bottle. Spray and leave it for at least 2-10 minutes before start wiping it.

Wash it with a washing machine

1. To wash it with a washing machine, firstly you will have to clean with a paper towel either with water or just the towel. As long as it is clean and nothing is on it.

2. After that you will have to wipe it with a disinfectant wipes. Make sure that there are no visible fecal before putting it into a washing machine.

3. Once it’s done washing, air dry your pad.



1. When cleaning with any disinfectant spray or wipes. DO NOT go near fire or anything that can light up a fire, because it is one of the source to start fire.

2. Before you proceed to put it into a washing machine, make sure there are nothing left in the changing pad.

3. DO NOT use any chemicals that might affect the baby’s skin, keep in mind to keep your children away while washing the pad, as their skins are sensitive.

4. DO NOT dry with iron.

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