Spout Pouch Care

How to clean - Hand wash

1. Open the spout

2. Fill in the water (warm water or hot water), shake it and let it out through spout

3. Washing it with soap will be the same process, put soap in then water and then shake it

3. Use a bottle brush, so you can get every little pieces left inside. Even one little piece could cause a child to get sick so please keep that in mind

4. Rinse through water again, to be able to get the pieces you brushed out. Let it dry out first before re-using it

How to clean - Dish washer

Care Instructions

  • If possible wash it before it gets dry, because it will be harder to clean dry food as it can easily get stuck to the pouch
  • To sterilize, open the pouch and hang it upside down then put it into an electric steam sterilizer
  • Make sure that the food is smooth and doesn’t have any large chunk of it or it will get stuck and will be hard for the child to consume
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