How to use microwave bag

1. Add 60 ml of clean water into the bag.

2. Bring equipment that needs steaming, such as a feeding bottle, teat, spoon, fork, or breast-pumping device. Put it in the bag.

3. Make sure the zip is properly locked

4. Place the microwave bag in the center of the microwave, and make sure the bag is upright. The Watt should be set to 1,100 W and set the time to 1:30 minutes, with the power of 800 Watt set the time to 3 minutes, and with the power of 600-750 Watt will take 5 minutes. (or follow the instructions for your microwave.)

5. After it’s done microwaving, let the bag cool down for at least 2 minutes before taking it out.

6. Please avoid touching the red area in the picture above, as the bag will be very hot.

7. There will be water left inside the bag. Always hold the bag in a secure position while emptying the bag.

By doing this, it will help you protect anything you put in there from germs and bacteria up to 24 hours.

Most importantly you will need to dry it out after every use, and make a mark or a sign of how many times you have already used, because it can be used 20 times.

When you are re-using the bag, make sure it is 100% cleaned. If not, it is recommended to clean it with warm soapy water and rinse off before using.



  • Do not put any metal items or electronic devices in the bag.
  • Please do not heat it for longer than recommended, because it may distort the shape of the objects inside.
  • Follow your microwave instructions.
  • Always add 60 ml of water to prevent any damage to the equipment that you put in.
  • Be careful of the heat from water or steam. When opening the bag.
  • Let the sterilizer bag cool for at least 2 minutes before removing it from the microwave.
  • Let the bag cool down for at least 2 minutes before removing it from microwave.
  • Always wash your hands before touching any equipment you want to put in.
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